The 12 Gains of X-Mas

Jingle All the Weights: ‘The 12 Gains of X-Mas’ WOD

Happy holidays, Santa Clara fitness fanatics!

Tonight’s the night to turn the holiday cheer up a notch with “The 12 Gains of X-Mas” WOD! Led by the festive Coach Johnson, this workout is like an advent calendar of fitness, with each round bringing a new challenge, starting from 12 reps down to 1.

Your Holiday Fitness Checklist:

  • Begin with 12 Bicep Curls – feel the holiday spirit in each curl.
  • Move into KB Thrusters for a total body engagement.
  • KB Lunges are up next, keeping your legs merry and bright.
  • Then, get festive with KB Squats.
  • Jump into Long Jump Burpees for a blend of cardio and strength.
  • Show off your skills with Roundhouse Kicks, bringing power to each leg.
  • Swing into the holidays with KB Swings.
  • Add a twist with Crunch & Press for a core celebration.
  • Circle around with Halos to keep those shoulders working.
  • Leap into Box Jumps for a burst of energy.
  • Throw in some Power Punches to keep the festive spirit high.
  • Finally, complete each round with a Lap to tie it all together.

Coach Johnson is your holiday fitness elf, guiding you through each round with energy, motivation, and maybe even a holiday tune or two. Whether you’re a fitness snowflake or a reindeer in training, this workout is for you.

Join us at 7 pm at the Academy of Self Defense. Let’s make “The 12 Gains of X-Mas” a night of fitness fun, holiday cheer, and community spirit!