Pumpkin Pump WOD with Coach Andrea

Get Spooky Fit: Dive Into Our Halloween-Themed Online Workout with Coach Andrea!

Who says Halloween is just for October? At the Academy of Self Defense (ASD), we believe in keeping the spooky spirit alive all year round, and what better way to do that than with a workout that gets you into the Halloween groove any time you want! Coach Andrea has conjured up something truly magical for our ASD On Demand platform: a special Halloween online workout that’s not just effective but also absolutely free!

A “Time Warp” Warm-Up to Get Your Heart Racing

Prepare to jump to the left, and then step to the right, as Coach Andrea leads you through a warm-up session inspired by the iconic “Time Warp” dance from the classic “Rocky Horror Show.” This isn’t just any warm-up; it’s a fun, energizing start that will get your heart racing and your body ready for the workout ahead. It’s the perfect way to kick off your fitness session with a bang, ensuring you’re fully warmed up and in the perfect mood for some Halloween fun.

Pump Up Your Body with Halloween Beats

What’s a Halloween workout without some spooky tunes? Coach Andrea has handpicked your favorite Halloween music to keep you motivated and moving. From the haunting melodies to the energetic beats, this workout is designed to make exercise fun and exciting. You’ll be so caught up in the music and the Halloween spirit that you’ll forget you’re working out!

Workout Anytime, Anywhere

The best part about this Halloween-themed workout? You can enjoy it anytime, anywhere. With ASD On Demand, access to this special workout is entirely free, giving you the flexibility to fit exercise into your busy schedule. Whether you’re an early bird who likes to start the day with a burst of energy or someone who prefers to unwind with an evening workout, Coach Andrea’s Halloween special is ready whenever you are.

Why You’ll Love This Workout

  • Fun and Engaging: Say goodbye to monotonous workouts! This Halloween-themed session is designed to keep you entertained and engaged from start to finish.
  • Accessible to All: Whether you’re a fitness newbie or a seasoned athlete, this workout is suitable for all fitness levels. Coach Andrea provides options to ensure everyone can participate and enjoy the benefits.
  • Absolutely Free: Experience the best of ASD’s online fitness classes without spending a dime. It’s our treat to you—no tricks attached!

Join the Fun!

Ready to add some spooky fun to your fitness routine? Visit ASD On Demand to access Coach Andrea’s Halloween workout and discover how exercising can be both effective and wildly entertaining. Don’t miss this opportunity to keep the Halloween spirit alive throughout the year while working towards your fitness goals. Let’s get spooky fit together!

Remember, fitness should be fun and accessible, and at the Academy of Self Defense, we’re here to make sure you enjoy every step of your fitness journey. See you in the virtual gym!