Pit Bull

Get Ready to Unleash Your Inner Pit Bull at GRIT Class!

Are you ready to conquer a workout that’s as fierce as it is fun? Introducing the “Pit Bull” WOD – a high-intensity, heart-pounding challenge designed to push your limits and leave you feeling strong and accomplished. Coach Johnson is fired up to lead this exhilarating session today at 7 pm. Get ready to embrace your inner Pit Bull and take on the challenge!

The Pit Bull WOD: 🏋️ Thrusters: Build strength and power as you lift those weights with determination. 💪 Pull-Ups: Test your upper body strength with this classic exercise. 💥 Sit-Ups: Strengthen your core for improved stability and endurance. 🔥 Burpees: Boost your heart rate and torch calories with this full-body move. 📦 Box Jumps: Reach new heights while working on your explosiveness.

In the GRIT class today, it’s all about channeling the spirit of the Pit Bull – fearless, energetic, and always up for a challenge. Coach Johnson will guide you through three rounds of one-minute maximum effort sets, ensuring you leave feeling accomplished and pumped.

Join Coach Johnson Today: 📅 When: Today at 7 pm 🏢 Where: Academy of Self Defense, Santa Clara, CA 🦾 Who: Anyone ready to tackle the Pit Bull WOD and unleash their inner strength!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to test your mettle and become a part of our empowering fitness community. Let’s embrace the Pit Bull spirit and tackle this workout together!