Fight Gone Bad X

Fight Gone Bad X: A Comprehensive Workout Challenge

The “Fight Gone Bad X” workout is a rigorous, high-intensity circuit designed to test and improve your endurance, strength, and mental toughness. This challenging session consists of three five-minute rounds with one-minute intervals, focusing on maximizing reps across a variety of exercises. It’s a workout that simulates the intensity of a fight, pushing you to your limits and beyond.

The Structure of Fight Gone Bad X

This workout is structured to keep you moving, sweating, and challenging every muscle group. You’ll spend one minute on each of the following exercises before moving immediately to the next, with a brief rest between rounds to catch your breath and prepare to go again.

  1. 4-Punch Sprawls: This exercise combines the cardiovascular challenge of sprawls with the precision of punch combinations, enhancing both your aerobic capacity and coordination.
  2. Medicine Ball Sit-Ups: Adding a medicine ball to traditional sit-ups engages your core and arms, increasing the intensity and effectiveness of the exercise.
  3. Push-Ups: A classic exercise that builds upper body strength and endurance, push-ups are a fundamental component of this workout.
  4. KB Thrusters: Kettlebell thrusters are a compound movement that works your legs, core, and shoulders, offering a full-body challenge.
  5. Wall Ball Squats: This exercise combines squats with a throwing motion, targeting your legs, glutes, and arms, and improving your explosive power.

Why Fight Gone Bad X?

The “Fight Gone Bad X” workout is more than just a physical challenge; it’s a mental battle. It tests your ability to push through fatigue, maintain focus, and strive for maximum performance under pressure. Each round is designed to simulate the relentless pace and varied demands of a real fight, making it an excellent workout for anyone looking to improve their fitness for combat sports or simply seeking a high-intensity challenge.

This workout’s beauty lies in its simplicity and the raw effort it demands. You don’t need complex equipment or advanced techniques, just determination, a few pieces of basic equipment, and the willingness to push yourself harder than before.


Whether you’re training for a fight, looking to improve your overall fitness, or just in search of a challenging new workout, “Fight Gone Bad X” offers a comprehensive test of your physical and mental fortitude. Give it a try, and discover just how far you can push your limits.