Unleash Your Inner Fighter with FIGHT GONE BAD 2

Are you ready to unleash your inner fighter and take your fitness to the next level? Look no further than FIGHT GONE BAD 2, our Workout of the Day at the Academy of Self Defense. Led by Coach Serra, this high-intensity circuit workout will test your strength, endurance and power.

The workout starts with Wall Ball, an exercise that will test your cardiovascular endurance and leg power. Next, you’ll perform Sumo Deadlift High-Pulls using dual kettlebells, an exercise that will work your full body and improve your overall strength.

After that, you’ll move on to Box Jumps, an exercise that will target your legs and glutes, followed by Push Presses using dual kettlebells, which will target your chest, triceps, and shoulders.

The next exercise, Rowing, will target your back and core, followed by kettlebell swings, which will work your full body and improve your overall power.

This circuit workout will push you to your limits, but the sense of accomplishment you’ll feel after completing it will be worth it. Sign up for Coach Serra’s class at the Academy of Self Defense and take the first step towards reaching your fitness goals. Unleash your inner fighter and try FIGHT GONE BAD 2 today!