Unleash Your Inner Strength with ‘BRO-CHACHO’ WOD!

Hello, Santa Clara Fitness Community!

Are you ready to challenge every muscle in your body? Then, it’s time to dive into ‘BRO-CHACHO’, a workout that’s as fun and energetic as its name suggests! Today at 12 pm, Coach Serra is ready to guide you through a dynamic and intense session at the Academy of Self Defense.

What ‘BRO-CHACHO’ Has in Store for You:

  • 10/Side Back Flies: Target your upper back with precision.
  • 10/Side Gorilla Rows: Power up your back and biceps with this unique row variation.
  • 10 Walking Lunges: Strengthen your legs and glutes with every step.
  • 10 TRX Alligators: A full-body challenge that focuses on core and arm strength.
  • 10 Banded Lat Pull Downs (scale up with bear): Pull down with power, engaging those lats.
  • 10 Ninja Jumps (or tuck jumps for a scaled-back version): Finish each round with this explosive, agility-boosting move.

Each of these exercises is designed to build strength, endurance, and agility. The ten rounds AFAP (As Fast As Possible) format will not only test your physical capabilities but also your mental grit. Whether you’re an experienced athlete or just looking to ramp up your fitness routine, ‘BRO-CHACHO’ is your ticket to a high-intensity, rewarding workout.

Coach Serra’s expertise will ensure you perform each exercise with proper form and maximum effort. So, whether you’re rowing like a gorilla or jumping like a ninja, you’re in for an incredible workout experience.

Get ready to sweat, push your limits, and most importantly, have a blast with ‘BRO-CHACHO’. We can’t wait to see you at the Academy of Self Defense for this exhilarating workout!