Blackout Wednesday

Illuminate Your Fitness Journey with ‘Blackout Wednesday’ WOD!

Hey Santa Clara Warriors,

Before the lights go out on this Wednesday night, it’s time to light up your fitness regime with the electrifying “Blackout Wednesday” workout! This WOD is all about intensity, fun, and making every second count.

Here’s the Spark for Tonight:

  • Start with 30 seconds of Jump Squats – feel the burn and the bounce.
  • Glide into Figure 8s for a full-body flow that keeps the energy soaring.
  • Unleash your inner martial artist with Roundhouse Kicks for a swift and powerful 30 seconds.
  • Dive into Burpees – because what’s a workout without these heart-pumpers?
  • Jump into Power Jacks for a jolt of adrenaline.
  • Circle around with Around the World to keep those muscles guessing.
  • And finally, pedal through Bicycles for an ab-tastic finale.

Under the guidance of Coach Mike, this session is more than a workout; it’s a celebration of movement, strength, and community. His expertise will keep you motivated, ensuring you get the most out of each half-minute burst of activity.

So, come join us at 7 pm at the Academy of Self Defense. Let’s turn this Wednesday into a “Blackout” event to remember – where we sweat, we smile, and we outshine the dark!