Benefits of Working Out at Home

If there is anything that we’ve learned about getting in shape it's that fitness goals are about determination more than location. With more jobs going to remote learning and many gyms introducing restricted hours, home workouts have surged in popularity as people want to find new ways to get in shape or stay active.

Woman working out from home

"Fitness goals are about
determination more than location.

There are many benefits of working out at home that might have you rethinking your gym membership. With a solid online schedule of classes and helpful fitness resources, the benefits of a home workout can lend themselves to huge progress toward your goals. Explore some of the biggest benefits of working out at home to see why you should consider trying it out for yourself so that you can realize long term success with your fitness journey.


1. Practical and Flexible

Many gyms have restricted hours and crowded times of the day, while working out from home has none of these challenges. You don’t have to waste time waiting because all of the treadmills are taken. You’re able to squeeze in a workout whenever it works best for you. On-demand fitness classes give you a full-body workout within the comfort of your own home. There’s also the most obvious benefit of a home workout: saving money on gas and the cost of a gym membership and class fees.

2. Minimize Distractions

Going to a crowded gym can provide healthy social interaction, but can often easily lead to exercise distractions. If you are there to achieve a fitness goal, you might find it hard to focus amid the crowds. One huge benefit of working out at home is that there’s no need to rush your workout due to someone waiting for the machine you’re on. You’re able to truly focus on the appropriate form, set length and times, and specific muscle groups at your own pace when working out at home.

3. Convenient and Easy

How long does it take you to do this routine: get off work, drive to the gym, change into your workout clothes, take a crowded class, catch up with friends, then drive home? You can cut so much time out of that routine and get the same amount of exercise by taking an online class. Want to work out first thing in the morning? Just roll out of bed and follow along with an engaging workout class without even feeling obligated to turn on the camera. Gone are the days of sweaty gym bags—one of the nicest benefits of working out at home is that everything you need to get ready before and after the workout is just a few steps away.

4. Fewer Excuses

Not only does working out at home save you lots of time, but there are also fewer excuses to bail on your workouts. When carving out time to go to the gym it can be easy to let social engagements, workday stress, and family events derail our intentions of actually putting on our shoes and going to the gym. It takes a lot less effort to put on workout clothes, turn on your TV or laptop, and start an exercise video, giving you more opportunities to stick to your fitness goals.

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