Add It Up

Count Every Rep and Make It Count: Join the ‘Add It Up’ WOD!

Hello, champions of Santa Clara!

Today at the Academy of Self Defense, we’re not just counting reps; we’re making every rep a step towards greatness. The “Add It Up” WOD is our latest fitness escapade, and it’s designed to tally up your strength, agility, and endurance in a series of exercises that pack a punch (quite literally!).

What’s the Math Behind ‘Add It Up’? You’ll be adding:

  • Burpees for explosive power.
  • Punches for speed and precision.
  • Squats for foundational strength.
  • Roundhouse kicks for that martial arts flair.
  • Elbows for a dose of combat technique.
  • Jumping jacks for a cardio burst.
  • Sit-ups for core power.

And who’s the mathematician behind this creative counting? Coach Shayne! With his expertise and energizing coaching style, he’s going to make sure you’re not just going through the motions but truly adding value to your fitness journey.

Let’s meet today at 12 pm and add it all up to fitness success. Remember, the sum of our efforts always equals progress!