99 Problems & Counting

Crush It with “99 Problems & Counting” WOD at GRIT Class Today!

Get ready to tackle the ultimate challenge at our GRIT class with the “99 Problems & Counting” WOD! Coach Serra is bringing the heat with a workout that will leave you feeling accomplished and invigorated.

This WOD is all about pushing your limits while having a blast. It kicks off with a bang—100 walking overhead lunges. Talk about starting strong! As you power through 90 TRX rows, you’ll feel those muscles engage and work their magic.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. 80 jump squats will get your heart pumping and your legs working overtime. And who can resist the satisfaction of 70 power punches? Feel the energy as you throw those strikes!

Up next, 60 push kicks and teeps will have you embracing your inner martial artist. Imagine the power behind each kick! 50 push-ups follow, challenging your upper body strength and endurance.

As the numbers decrease, the intensity keeps rising. 40 clean & press reps will test your full-body coordination. Grab those dumbbells and conquer those lifts! Then, let’s give those arms a little extra love with 30 bicep curls.

The finish line is in sight, but we’re not done just yet. Finish strong with 20 leg lifts, targeting your core and bringing this exhilarating WOD to a triumphant close.

Don’t miss out on this epic workout session! Join Coach Serra today at 12 pm for the “99 Problems & Counting” WOD. Let’s conquer this challenge together and show those problems who’s boss!