7 & 7

GRIT WOD: 7 & 7

Looking for a workout that will challenge your limits and boost your fitness levels? Our 7 & 7 WOD is designed to push you, strengthen you, and make you feel incredible. Perfect for all fitness levels, this AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) workout focuses on both strength and endurance. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete, you’ll find this workout both challenging and rewarding.

What is an AMRAP?

AMRAP stands for As Many Rounds As Possible. In this format, you’ll perform a set of exercises as many times as you can within a given timeframe. It’s a fantastic way to improve cardiovascular fitness, build muscle endurance, and test your limits.

Today’s WOD Breakdown

700 Meter Row

  • Description: Start with a full-body cardio exercise to get your heart rate up.
  • Modification: No rower? Substitute with a 3-minute run or jump rope.

7 Bent Over Rows (L & R)

  • Description: Grab a kettlebell or dumbbell. Bend at the hips and row the weight up, targeting your back muscles.
  • Modification: Use a resistance band if you don’t have weights.

7 KB Thrusters

  • Description: A powerful combination of a squat and an overhead press using a kettlebell.
  • Modification: Substitute with a dumbbell if needed.

7 Breath-Ups

  • Description: Perform deep, controlled breathing exercises to enhance your oxygen intake and improve focus.

7 Med Ball Push-Ups

  • Description: Place your hands on a medicine ball for push-ups, adding an element of instability and working your chest and core harder.
  • Modification: Regular push-ups or knee push-ups if this is too challenging.

7 Curls (L & R)

  • Description: Perform bicep curls with a kettlebell or dumbbell, targeting each arm individually.
  • Modification: Use resistance bands or lighter weights as needed.

7 2-Count KB Pulse Squats

  • Description: Hold a kettlebell and perform a squat with two small pulses at the bottom to maximize muscle engagement.
  • Modification: Bodyweight squats with pulses if you don’t have a kettlebell.

Tips for Success

  • Warm-Up: Spend at least 5-10 minutes warming up with dynamic stretches and light cardio to prepare your muscles and joints.
  • Form: Focus on maintaining proper form throughout each exercise to prevent injuries and maximize effectiveness.
  • Pace Yourself: Start at a moderate pace and increase intensity as you become more comfortable with the movements.
  • Hydrate: Keep a water bottle handy and stay hydrated throughout your workout.
  • Cool Down: End your workout with a cool-down session, including static stretches to improve flexibility and reduce muscle soreness.

Share Your Progress!

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