Benefits of Changing Up Your Workout Routine

There’s nothing quite like maintaining a consistent and fulfilling workout regime. Establishing a steady flow of endorphins throughout the week is a great way to encourage productivity, stay healthy, and work off the stress of your day-to-day schedule. While working out is an important part of overall wellness, sometimes keeping your workouts too consistent can work against you.

Woman working out at the gym smiling

The human body is amazing at adapting to our surroundings and changes in our behavior. While this usually works in our favor, when it comes to our workouts it doesn’t always prove to be a positive. In order to get the absolute most from a workout there needs to be an appropriate amount of challenge and endurance in play to achieve progress and avoid plateaus. Explore some of the benefits of choosing to change your workout routine to enhance your fitness journey.


Help Prevent Injuries

When you’re working the same set of muscles day in and day out, you’re not allowing your body to fully recover from your previous workouts. This can be dangerous for avid lifters, so taking time to research a variety of workouts is best practice. By changing your workout routine, working different muscle groups on different days, you allow muscles to recover and prevent overuse injuries.

Introduce Excitement to the Routine

When you have the same game plan every time you work out it’s easier to become fatigued or bored by your workouts. If you change your workout routine throughout the week you keep yourself on your toes with a better focus on getting the most out of your workout. With an engaging and new workout routine it’s much easier to find the motivation to lace up and get a great workout.

Focus on Full-Body Progress

While some workouts do the trick for getting our heart rates up, sometimes they don’t take time to address the full picture. The ultimate goal for those wanting to achieve peak performance should be full-body progress and that doesn’t happen without figuring out how to switch up your workout routine every once in a while. The best way to change your workout routine is to make sure each muscle group gets their spotlight during different times of the week.

Jump-Start Progress

When strength training, the ultimate goal is to be able to lift to higher increments, but this doesn’t last forever. Eventually with enough dedication you’ll begin to accomplish these workouts too easily, delaying further progress and causing the much-dreaded plateau. By changing your workout routine, you’re always pushing yourself to the next level in your fitness journey.

Change Your Workout Routine with the Academy of Self Defense

One of the best ways to vary your workout routine is by taking diverse and unique classes to learn new skills. The Academy of Self Defense has an extensive list of courses that range from Krav Maga to high-intensity boot camps that will have you punching up your workout regime in no time.