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Shotgun Defenses Release 1

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This live online Krav Maga Seminar covers the most common scenarios when a threat is armed with a long gun, shotgun or sawed-off shotgun. This seminar will cover gun safety, safety in training, and cover the mechanics and logistics of attacks of the long guns.

In this seminar our Vanguard Krav Maga® instructors will be going over some of the basic Krav Maga principles for self defense, some of the basic combative moves to defend yourself, and go over some of the most common scenarios and threats that happen when a threat has a long gun, shotgun, or a sawed-off shotgun.   Issues of environmental awareness, and positioning will also be addressed in this seminar.

Techniques that the Instructors will be going over:

  • Defense against Shotgun to the Front
  • Defense against a Shotgun placed to the Side (Right/Left)
  • Defense against a Shotgun from Behind
  • Defense against a sawed-off Shotgun from the front
  • Defense against a sawed-off Shotgun  from Behind
  • Defense against a sawed-off Shotgun aimed underneath the Chin

This seminar was created for your by Vanguard Krav Maga® and presented to you by instructors, Everest Pepper and Amit Patel.

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2/20/2021, Saturday at 11am PST