Women’s Self Defense Seminars


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For over 15 years we have been running Women’s Self Defense Seminars for our communities. We have worked with families, mothers, daughters, students, college students, working professionals, and law enforcement— education on how to defend yourself in various situations.

In these three release series of Women’s Self Defense Seminars, instructors will be going over the most common attacks and defenses that females face. In these seminars our Vanguard Krav Maga® instructors will be going over some of the basic Krav Maga principles for self defense, some of the basic combative moves to defend yourself, and go over some of the most common scenarios and threats that women are faced with.   Issues of environmental awareness, and positioning will also be addressed in this seminar.

Below you will find what techniques are covered in each release.

Women’s Self Defense Release 1 (64 minutes)

  • Environmental Awareness
  • Hammer Fists
  • Palm Strikes
  • Groin Kicks
  • Defense Against Hair Grabs
  • Defense Against Front Chokes
  • Defense Against Bear Hugs

Women’s Self Defense Release 2 (47 minutes)

  • Environmental Awareness
  • Becoming a Hard Target
  • Choke from Behind
  • Gun to the Front
  • Kicks from the Ground
  • Defense Against Punches While Mounted
  • Defense While Mounted
  • Gun To the Head While Kneeling

Women’s Self Defense Release 3 (57 minutes)

  • How to Generate Power in your Strikes
  • Elbows
  • Knees
  • Vital Points to Hit
  • Throat Poke
  • Eye Flick
  • Wrist Releases
  • Shove/Grab Defenses

This seminar was created for your by Vanguard Krav Maga® and presented to you by instructors, Everest Pepper and Amit Patel.

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