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Academy of Self Defense
3475 Woodward Avenue
Santa Clara, Ca

Upcoming Dates:
Saturday, September 30, 2023 – 11:00am-2:00pm
Sunday, October 1, 2023 – 9:00am-12:00pm

*This Certification is a 2-day course.

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CDT is a soft handed control/restraint system that is easy to learn, maintain and apply. CDT was designed for real world situations to physically control or disarm a hostile aggressor, and keep him in compliance or completely restrained until help arrives.

It was specifically made for Law Enforcement and Security personnel but over the years has evolved to address the needs or workplace violence. CDT is now being implemented in hospitals, public and private schools, airlines, night-clubs and religious organizations.

CDT has successfully proven itself in the use of force world with a flawless, proven track record. The key to the CDT System is that it addresses personal well-being and subject safety while decreasing the liability factors of all concerned. By covering these three major aspects it allows for safer control and less risk of potential liability factors. That alone makes it different than any other soft-handed systems in today’s proper use of force world.

What does CDT Stand for?

  • Compliance – To diffuse an aggressive act through soft-handed control or restraint techniques in order to protect the safety and welfare of others.
  • Direction – Steering or moving an aggressor to a safe place or position in order to protect the safety and welfare of others.
  • Take Down – A safe, non-vital method used to keep an aggressive subject in a prone position in order to secure and maintain them or if legally allowed to fully restrain them with handcuffs or restraints.

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