VKM Kids Unlimited (2-Children)

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Kids Krav Maga & Fitness Special! Kids can now train Online & In Person!!

Aren’t you ready for your kids to get back to normal? Being stuck in home as long as you have can take a toll on your child’s mind, body and spirit.  So if you’re ready to get your kids into a routine and get them physically active and mentally productive, grab our Online Krav Maga Kids Online Training Special!


Kids Krav Maga and Fitness classes are now online! Gain access to our live virtual classes (via Zoom)! Access all of our live online classes, as well as having accesses to a on demand content.

  • Non-stop, action packed class that keeps your child fit and healthy
  • Fun activities to that help your child learn important values
  • Access all Virtual Live Krav Maga Kids Class
  • Access to On Demand Videos of past classes so that you can train anytime you want
  • In addition to the live zoom classes, we also have on demand curriculum videos going over all techniques to help kids get ready for Belt testing
  • Our Krav Maga Kids programs offers structure, discipline, confidence, and fitness for all
  • Kids can now test virtually and earn their belts (we ship out awards, certificates, and belts in the mail)
  • Live classes run Monday-Friday 5:15pm PST and Saturdays at 11:15 am PST
  • Professional Instructors Certified to teach Kids


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