Knife Seminar

$75.00 $49.00

Saturday, February 15
11:30am – 1:00pm

*You do not need to be an ASD Member to attend.

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Purpose of this knife seminar is to educate the student on the dangers of the knife. Offensive as well as defensive techniques will be taught utilizing fixed and folding blades. Knife on knife and empty hand techniques against a knife will also be taught.
Most knife attacks are ambushes, so an awareness and mindset are extremely important.


  1. Give an awareness and understanding about a knife and its dangers.
  2. How to manipulate a knife to your advantage offensively and defensively.
  3. Show the differences between knives and their advantages and disadvantages.

Gear Needed

  • Comfortable clothing and an extra white tee shirt for the magic marker drill.
  • If you’d like to bring your folder or fixed blade.

Guide to Switchblades, Dirks and Daggers.


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