Fitness Unlimited

$49.00 / month with a 14-day free trial

*14 day trial for new customers only. Payments start after 14 day free trial. Cancel anytime to avoid future subscription payments.

Unlimited Access to all of our Fitness Programs:

  • Muay Thai HIIT (6pm Monday-Thursday, 10am Saturday)
  • Boot Camp (6:30am Monday-Friday, 4pm T/Th)
  • GRIT (12pm Monday-Friday, 7pm Monday-Thursday)
  • ASD 300 (10am Sunday)
  • Box & Bells (4pm Monday/Wednesday, 5pm Friday)


Discover a world of fitness like no other at the Academy of Self Defense! Our unique and dynamic programs are designed to invigorate your routine and leave you feeling empowered. Dive into our diverse offerings, including Boot Camp, Muay Thai HIIT, GRIT, Box & Bells, and 300. Each program is infused with elements of MMA, Muay Thai, and Krav Maga, offering a blend of self-defense principles with heart-pumping workouts.

Boot Camp pushes your limits with kettlebell strength training and calisthenics, enhancing both your strength and balance.

Muay Thai HIIT combines high-intensity interval training with kettlebell flows and pad drills, offering an unparalleled cardio challenge.

GRIT takes on a holistic approach, incorporating weights, combative drills, Tabata workouts, and circuit training to fortify your strength like never before.

Box & Bells merges classic boxing techniques with strength training for a well-rounded workout.

Lastly, 300 redefines circuit training with over 15 workout stations designed for an all-encompassing fitness challenge.

At the Academy of Self Defense, we’re committed to elevating your fitness journey to new heights. Join us and experience the transformation today!