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What is Hapkido? Hapkido is a dynamic Korean martial art known for its focus on self-defense through joing locks, throws, and striking techniques. It effectively uses the opponent’s energy against them, employing both circular motions and direct force, which makes it suitable for all ages and physical conditions. The Modern Combat Hapkido program at our Academy of Self defense enhances these traditional elements by incorporating techniques from Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Judo, and Jiu-jitsu. This comprehensive approach covers five levels of application: escapes, control techniques, joint breaks, take-downs, and last resort responses, empowering students to quickly assess and react appropriately in diverse situations.

Our Combat Hapkido classes encourage students to think on their feet, making rapid decisions that are crucial in real-world defense scenarios. Students train in a Jiujitsu style gi and have opportunities for belt advancement, underlining our commitment to detailed skill progression and mental discipline. Designed for mental and physical well-being, our program supports students in developing both robust defense capabilities and enhanced health. Classes focus more on mastering techniques than on rigorous physical exertion, making them accessible for every fitness level. Join us to cultivate your defensive skills in a supportive, health-oriented community.

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