Women’s Self Defense Seminar

According to the Criminal Victimization Bulletin in 2014, statistical analysis by the Bureau of Justice Statistics found that “U.S. residents ages 12 and over experienced an estimated 5.4 million violent victimizations.” (bjs.gov) Violent victimizations include rape or sexual assault, robbery, aggravated assault, and simple assault.

Selected findings on females specifically showed the following statistics:

  • “In 2010, females experienced 270,000 rape or sexual assault victimizations at a rate of about two victimizations per 1,000 females age 12 or older.”
  • In 2005-10, the offender was reported to be armed with a gun, knife or other weapon in 11 percent of rape or sexual assault victimizations.”
  • “In 2005-10, 78 percent of sexual violence involved an offender who was a family member, intimate partner, friend or acquaintance.”
  • “Strangers committed about 22 percent of all sexual violence, a percentage that remained unchanged from 1994 to 2010.”
  • “In 2005-10, about 58 percent of female victims of sexual violence suffered a physical injury during the attack, such as cuts, bruises, internal injuries, broken bones, gunshot wounds or rape injuries. This percentage remained unchanged from 1994-98 to 2005-10.”
  • “In 2005-10, females who were age 34 or younger, who lived in lower income households, and who lived in rural areas experienced some of the highest rates of sexual violence.”
  • “From 1995 to 2010, approximately 9% of all rape or sexual assault victimizations recorded in the NCVS involved male victims.” (bjs.gov)

These statistics should tell us something very important; that women are not being equipped to defend themselves against an attacker. The data paints a dark picture, but it is something we can and should do something about!

This Women’s Self Defense Seminar is not designed to teach you martial arts or “sport fighting” such as kick-boxing. The purpose is to give you the necessary tools to avoid, de-escalate, or escape a dangerous situation. What you get out of this seminar is awareness and techniques that are designed with specific attacks against women in mind. Realistic and practical skills will be taught to defend yourself in the event of a violent attack.