A Woman in Poetry’s Boundaries: A Healing Workshop

What is a Healing Workshop? A Healing Workshop is where like minded women come together and do healing work.

What is A Woman In Poetry? A Woman In Poetry is a shared healing space. It’s for the resilient woman. The brave woman. The emotional woman. The still going to be kind woman. The strong one. The hurt one. The scared one. The still standing woman. The I need to believe in something woman. The I want to break this generational trauma woman. The I want better for my children woman. The heavy woman. The feel it all and everything woman. The I want to heal woman.

​The Academy of Self Defense will be coming in to give us a two hour lesson on awareness and techniques that are designed with specific attacks against women in mind. Realistic and practical skills will be taught to defend yourself in the event of a violent attack. Each women will have the chance to practice those techniques on a padded up instructor. It’s time to take your space back sis! It’s time to feel safe.

Boundaries Workshop (18 years and older event)
November 10th, 2019
San Francisco
3pm – 8pm

For more information please visit their website at:

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