Side Control & Mount


This week in the PIT MMA classes we will be focusing on Side Control and Mount.

SIDE: In grappling, side control (often also called side mount, cross mount or sometimes scarfhold) is a dominant ground grappling position where the top combatant is lying perpendicularly over the face-up bottom combatant in such a way that the legs are free and he or she exerts no control over the combatant on the bottom. The top combatant is referred to as having side control, and is in a stable position, with the other combatant pinned beneath him or her. From there the top combatant can proceed with elbows, knees, various submissions, or transition into a mounted position. It is high priority for the bottom combatant to sweep the top combatant or otherwise escape the position, for instance by entangling the opponent's free legs and trying to obtain the half guard or guard.

MOUNT: The mount, or mounted position, is a dominant ground grappling position, where one combatant sits on the other combatants torso with the face pointing towards the opponent's head. This is a favorable position for the top combatant in several ways. The top combatant can generate considerable momentum for strikes (such as punches or elbows) to the head of the opponent, while the bottom combatant is restricted by the ground and by the combatant on top. Other advantages include various chokeholds and joint locks that can be applied from the top. The bottom combatant will usually look to sweep the opponent or transition into a better position such as the guard.

Monday, May 13 - Side Control

Warm Up
Takedown Drills
Side Control (top): Kimura/Americana
Side Control (bottom): Escape (Ghost)
Conditioning Circuit

Wednesday, May 15 - Mount

Warm Up
Takedown Drills
Mount (top): Armbar
Mount (bottom): Hip Escape
Flow Roll