Fitness Unlimited Membership

$99.00 $49.95

By registering for you first month of membership via our website you getting an exclusive deal! Please remember that you are signing up for a month-to-month membership. After your purchase your first month here, please show your receipt, form of payment, and Photo ID, to our front desk staff, and they will print out your auto-billing membership agreement for you to sign.



This Unlimited Fitness Membership is good for all of our fitness classes!! That’s over 40 weekly classes of:



Jivoni’s Combo Fit is a cardio kickboxing class that is a high intensity fitness class that combines fighting drills from Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and Boxing. This class uses boxing gloves, punch mitts, heavy bags, and kick pads.

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Boot Camp

This class uses Kettle Bells and Heavy Bag Training to whip you into shape! This high intensity class will work out your entire body building your strength and endurance!

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The 300 class is Combative Circuit Training that consists of 12 or more stations that have been designed to challenge and get you in shape!

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Developed by UFC Legend John Hackleman, CrossPIT is an Elite MMA Fitness program that is designed to get you in shape, build your endurance, challenge you.

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Here is our full schedule:


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