CrossPIT workouts are "old school tough" yet fun and upbeat and fuse together functional fitness with fundamental MMA drills. Sessions will vary by consisting of a warmup and a workout of the day where you will track your time, or by having a set duration of time to complete a sequence of exercises and drills as fast as possible.


Are you looking to get into MMA fighting shape but not quite ready to spar or grapple? Are you interested in a structured fitness regimen where you can track your progress and goals?

Take your cardio and strength training to the next level with CrossPIT MMA Fitness. CrossPIT incorporates a style of fitness that is tested and proven in modern mixed martial arts. The program is designed by coach John "PIT Master" Hackleman, who has trained UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell and The Ultimate Fighter Season 11 winner, Court McGee,. CrossPIT fuses 30 years of training by boiling down and reducing old school systems into a simple philosophy - "use what works and discard what doesn't."

UFC fighter Court McGee says the goal for the CrossPIT is to prepare athletes for the fight. He says one of the guiding questions is: "Can you function when your heart rate's at 180 beats per minute, and how much work can your body do?"

Age Requirements

All CrossPIT participants must be 18+ years old.

Gear Requirements

  • Open palm MMA style Gloves
  • Jump Rope
  • Towel
  • CrossPIT Shirt

*During your trial you are required to have MMA gloves to participate in classes.

CrossPIT Basics

If you want to learn more about some CrossPIT Basics, download the article in 'CrossFIT Journal Articles', "CrossPit Basics", by Tony Budding. Click here to view the article.

Meet the CrossPIT Instructors


Shayne Herrera

CrossPIT Instructor


Natasha Humphries

CrossPIT Instructor


James Krause

CrossPIT Instructor


Michael Tropf

CrossPIT Instructor


Kennedy Uy

CrossPIT Instructor

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