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Boot Camp: Michael Jackson Edition

ASD On Demand Presents Boot Camp: Michael Jackson Edition! For the first 45 minutes Coach Jivoni Jordan plays some of his favorite Michael Jackson songs as he gets your blood flowing and muscles pumped during his Live Morning Boot Camp Class!  Get in a free online workout anytime you want!  WANT MORE? START A FREE […]

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Pumpkin Pump WOD with Coach Andrea

Join Coach Andrea for her Special Pumpkin Pump WOD Enjoy the Halloween spirit anytime you want! Coach Andrea has created a very special Halloween online workout for ASD On Demand. You can now get a FREE online workout! Andrea will be taking you through a ‘Time Warp’ warm-up, in the classic ‘Rocky Horror Show’ fashion, […]

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There’s Not One Type of Martial Art That Beats All Others

Muay Thai Kickboxing class doing thai pad drills. When considering the different types of martial arts, it’s like a game of rock, paper, scissors. Each martial art has advantages and disadvantages against the others in complex ways. There isn’t really a best martial art to learn – each has unique characteristics that could draw an […]

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Silver Fox Fitness: Fitness & Self Defense for Seniors

Join us on Wednesday at 4:00pm for Silver Fox Fitness Class! Silver Fox Fitness is a workout designed for Seniors so that we can stay active and engaged at any age! I’ve had years of experience in weightlifting, martial arts, and Krav Maga, and I know the importance of movement, regardless of age. Even after […]

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Workout of the Day: Dean's Tabata IV

Dean’s Tabata 4

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Workout of the Day: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

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Keeping Our Community Safe

ASD is Re-Opening! We have been given the green light from the State of California and the City of Santa Clara to open up to our members again for in-person training outdoors. In adherence with the industry standards for gyms and fitness facilities from the City of Santa Clara, we have created an outdoor floor […]

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ASD is Re-Opening!

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Workout of the day: Spartan 300

Spartan 300

Looking for a workout? Need a WOD? Check out Spartan 300!! Repeat 2x for time, 25 reps each. Challenge yourself to complete it as fast as you can!

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6 Healthy Alternatives to Fast Food Favorites

While we may never be able to match the speed of a drive thru meal, there are many ways we can find alternatives to our fast food favorites that are just as cheap and appetizing. 6 Healthy Alternatives to Fast Food Favorites Let’s face it. We all know fast food isn’t the best option for […]

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