Krav Maga & Fitness for Kids!

Looking for the perfect activity to keep your child active, motivated, and healthy while being cooped up inside? We are doing something FUN to promote our ONLINE Kids Krav Maga & Fitness classes!

BONUS: We've slashed our price! Instead of $39 per month, it's only $19 per month!

Get your child involved in a new, exciting activity they'll LOVE that also teaches valuable life skills!

You will also get a FREE 2-WEEK TRIAL!

Respect. Integrity. Confidence

At Academy of Self Defense, we believe in providing self defense courses for interested students of all ages. As the only online self defense academy, we provide an extensive library of online self defense and fitness videos for kids to help them learn the best ways to protect themselves in real-life scenarios. Our Krav Maga self defense videos are great tools to teach kids the best ways to protect themselves.


Teaches Important Skills

Your child will learn environmental awareness, effective de-escalation techniques, and as a last resort how to defend themselves.


Students Learn to Focus

Your child will develop their listening skills as they pay attention to the instructor as they guide them through Self-Defense class.


Your Child Will Learn Important Self-Defense Skills

Your child will learn practical self defense skills that will develop the self confidence they need throughout life.

It's time to inspire your child to be the best they can be! With our Kids Krav Maga & Fitness program your child will learn practical self defense, build confidence, and stay active!


We have been in business for over 15 years! We have cultivated and created our programing over the years to be the best possible that anyone can offer. Most of our students that start off as children, progress into the adult programs as they age. We have professional instructors that have been certified to teach children of all ages and of all abilities.

Parent Testimonials

My 9 and 11 years old kids signed up a year ago in this Academy of self defense, they enjoyed the class (3 times a week) for a good price. They learned a lot of moves, they made new friends, and now they are in orange belts. I would highly recommend this gym for families.


Rachel S.
ASD On Demand Member

I have always enjoyed attending classes here. The trainers are a combination of friendly, serious, motivating and entertaining. My daughter attends the Youth Classes and always looks forward to the workout! I am excited to continue attending throughout my pregnancy to stay in shape and challenge myself.


Sonya R
Parent of VKM Kid

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