Keeping Our Community Safe

ASD is Re-Opening!

We have been given the green light from the State of California and the City of Santa Clara to open up to our members again for in-person training outdoors. In adherence with the industry standards for gyms and fitness facilities from the City of Santa Clara, we have created an outdoor floor plan that not only meets, but exceeds the City and the State’s physical distancing requirements.



The safety of our members and participants is our number one priority.  In addition to running outdoor in person classes, we will continue to run our online classes.

Here are things we are doing to keep you safe.

As mandated by the City of Santa Clara, our indoor facilities are CLOSED and OFF LIMITS. This includes the restroom facilities.

  1. We have put our staff through COVID-19 Safety Protocol and training.
  2. Instructors will be wearing masks during classes.
  3. Instructors and staff will be maintaining at least an 8 feet distance away from all
  4. students at all times. There will be no physical contact between participants and/or instructors.

  5. Floor planning has been created:
    • Each participant will have a 6ft x 6ft training area
    • Each member training area will be placed 8 feet away from any other member training area
    • Each member training area will have training equipment that will be sanitized prior to the start of class.
    • Each member training area will have its own sanitizing gel
  6. Staff will clean and sanitize ALL equipment used in class before the start of every class and after each class ends in accordance with State and county guidelines.

Rules that ALL participants MUST FOLLOW.

  1. If any potential participant answers “yes” to any of the following questions, they are NOT ALLOWED to train at the facility, and must contact their healthcare provider:
    • Have you tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 13 days?
    • Have you come into close contact with a person who tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 14 days?
    • Do you feel or have you recently felt feverish?
    • Do you have or have you recently had any other COVID-19 symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, tiredness, chills, headaches, muscle/body aches, confusion, or new loss of taste/smell?
  2. All participants must remain at least 8ft apart from each other at all times. No touching will be permitted at any time- this includes personal greetings between and among participants.
  3. To prevent bottlenecks in the training area each participant must remain in their training area at all times during class. (*Unless there is an emergency situation that warrants leaving the member training area during class)
  4. Face coverings are required at all times (entering and exiting), but can be taken off when inside the participant’s designed training area and exercise begins.
  5. All participants must cover sneezes and coughs with cloth, tissue, or elbow;
  6. No participant can shake hands or engage in unnecessary physical contact with any other person.
  7. All participants must reserve a class spot to attend.
  8. Anything that participants bring with them, must be kept in the designated training area, and must take home with them.
  9. To prevent bottlenecks in the training area, all participants must listen to the instructor with regards to exiting procedures. The instructors will be dismissing participants one by one, so that everyone can maintain at least an 8ft distance from one another at ALL TIMES.
  10. Participants must remain in their vehicles prior to the start of the class. Participants will have access to their designated training area 5 minutes prior to the start of the class.

Parking Lot Floor Planing

Here is the diagram of our parking lot floor planning. The green squares represent the participant training area. The instructor will be placed in the middle of the parking lot.

parking lot training logo

Pricing Structure

Classes will be limited in size in order to meet these safety requirements so those wishing to participate in classes must reserve a spot ahead of time. Pricing will be as follows:

  • ASD Members: $10 Drop-in
  • Public: $20 Drop-in


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  1. This is awesome. Tks ASD for working this out for us. What classes will be given? Times and days???

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