July’s Youth Self Defense & Fitness Schedule


Summer is in full swing and so is our Kids Krav Maga program! See what's on the curriculum for July. Don't forget that there is no class on July 4th--we will be closed in observance of Independence Day. Also we will be introducing some new Level 2 (Orange Belt) techniques this month. They are denoted by the orange text.

Week 1

Monday, July 1: Movement - Evading Attacks w/ Movement, maintaining distance
Tuesday, July 2: Front Kick
Wednesday, July 3: Round Kick
Thursday, July 4: CLOSED - 4th of July - HOLIDAY
Saturday, July 6: Defense vs. Kick to Groin/Redirection

Week 2

Monday, July 8: Defense vs. round house kick standing
Tuesday, July 9: Defense vs. side kick plucking
Wednesday, July 10: Advancing round, front, side, back kicks
Thursday, July 11: Advancing push kick
Saturday, July 13: Weekly Recap

Week 3

Monday, July 15: Left/Right Punches, Hook/Uppercuts
Tuesday, July 16: Combos 1-8
Wednesday, July 17: Defense vs. Hand Strikes
Thursday, July 18: Static Combo Attacks 2-6 Combos
Saturday, July 20: Weekly Recap

Week 4

Monday, July 22: Elbows 1-7, Overhead elbow
Tuesday, July 23: Elbows and Knee Attacks
Wednesday, July 24: Defense vs. Hook or Haymaker 360/ cover
Thursday, July 25: Outside & Inside vs Hand Combination Attacks
Saturday, July 27: Weekly Recap

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