August Youth Self Defense & Fitness Schedule


Summer is winding down, but our classes aren't! We hope that those of your coming back from your summer vacations are doing well and ready for what we have in store in our classes! Check out what we'll be teaching this month.

Week 1

Thursday, August 1: Backfall/Front Fall into Side Position, 2 Handed Get Up, Turn & Run
Saturday, August 3: Open & Closed Guard, Scissor Sweep

Week 2

Monday, August 5: Bear hug from front/behind hands free
Tuesday, August 6: 2 Handed Lapel Grab Escape
Wednesday, August 7: Shove from Behind Against the Wall
Thursday, August 8: Headlock from the side
Saturday, August 10: Defense from shove/Pull From Behind

Week 3

Monday, August 12: Forearm Jamming
Tuesday, August 13: Head Stuff
Wednesday, August 14: Sprawl
Thursday, August 15: Forwards/Backwards Roll
Saturday, August 17: Weekly Recap

Week 4

Monday, August 19: Punch Combinations 1-8
Tuesday, August 20: Defense vs Hand Strikes
Wednesday, August 21: Punches, Hooks, Uppercuts, Hammerfists & Movement
Thursday, August 22: Sparring (one for one, using jab only, kicks only)
Saturday, August 24: Weekly Recap

Week 5

Monday, August 26: Escape from Wrist Grab
Tuesday, August 27: Clap & Clock
Wednesday, August 28: 2 Handed Grab
Thursday, August 29: Shin Kick
Saturday, August 31: Weekly Recap