Real People, Real Self Defense, Real Fitness

With the many choices out there for companies and facilities that promote fitness programs, group classes, or martial arts, and fighting sport programs, it may be hard to figure out what is right for you.  It is very common to get lost in the flashy words, hidden contracts, hidden fees, or just plain cookie-cutter substance that many (not all) of these places may have.

Here at the Academy of Self Defense, we are real people, we have real members, we teach real world self defense, and have real substantial programs that are beneficial in many ways.  We do not use professional models, stock photos or videos to promote our programs.  We have been serving the Bay Area for almost 12 years, and we have figured out what works– hard work and dedication!

We offer over 70+ classes a week. There are no hidden fees, annual fees, or long-term contracts. You simply pay for the month and you come in and train! (We also offer a drop in rate of $15 per class, if you prefer that).

We are proud of the community that we have built through our Group Fitness Classes, our Krav Maga Program, and our Fighting Sport Classes.  We are also grateful for the opportunity to keep providing our services to the Bay Area!

So if you’re looking for a place to change up your fitness routine, or learn Krav Maga, or get engaged in the Muay Thai or MMA classes, please check us out!